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Whats the word on Catherine?

"Catherine always validates how I’m feeling and helps me trouble shoot solutions to the concerns I have during our sessions. She is kind, personable, and attentive."

"I feel like I can be honest with her and she won't make me feel bad about who I am."

"She is direct, down to earth, and challenges me"

"Very easy to talk with."

"I feel completely

comfortable talking to her about hard topics."

"She's great at challenging and being patient overall, appreciated learning and working through trauma with progressive counting, utilizes humor, feel comfortable with her."

"She is very friendly, understanding and helpful."

"Catherine is professional and friendly. She listens to what I have on my

mind and provides feedback about whatever it is. She also brings up relative solutions to problems that are talked about. She also is very knowledgeable about pregnancy, babies and postpartum. She seems to understand my humor. It is easy talking to her."

"She’s amazing! She’s down to earth and offers great suggestions and points of view."

"Excellent listener

Picks out details

Great notetaking

Thinks through my statements before commenting

Follows up or checks in on previous goals"

"My work with Catherine has helped me through some of the most challenging and joyous times of my life and given me some tools to identify patterns, set goals, self-soothe, reduce anxiety etc. I am much better and healthier than when I started."

"Catherine really has helped me in the past few months. She is very easy to talk to and is very kind."

All feedback was generated through use of a survey and consent was given to publish the feedback.

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